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Equipment for PVC cards

Equipment for PVC cards

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Production of plastic cards begins with the application of images on sheets of plastic by inkjet or offset printing. Then on the applicator (equipment for the production of plastic cards, designed for precise positioning and fixing plastic sheets and magnetic strips), the operator combines both sides of the sealed plastic and places an overlay on top of them. After that, the preheated thermal head produces spot welding of all elements of the future card among themselves, preventing their displacement during the lamination process.

Next, a package of sheets of sealed plastic and overlay is placed in a press laminator - equipment for making plastic cards, which sintered the collected sheets into a single whole. Table press laminating machines with manual screw clamps are suitable for small production (their productivity is up to 200 cards / hour). Release of large runs will provide an automatic thermo - press- laminator with a wide range of plate heating temperatures and operating pressures, which makes it possible to select the optimal exposure parameters depending on the material for plastic cards.

The next technological operation is the cutting of the sintered sheet onto the cards. For its implementation we can buy a manual or electric card cutter.

One of the simplest ways to personalize cards is to squeeze out alphanumeric information on manual or automatic embossers.

Do not be afraid to buy inexpensive equipment for plastic cards from China - it provides high quality of performing technological operations and meets all safety requirements, makes it profitable to issue cards in small and medium lots.

Correctly pick up equipment and materials for the production of plastic cards, depending on their purpose and the planned circulation will help our consultants.

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