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Manual Card Embosser

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Manual PVC card embosser very cheap and easy operate . Its function is to extrude protruding or receding characters to make PVC card with identifiability and uniqueness. Normative PVC card, the size is 85.5 mm × 55 mm. that can add M /V / I / P Character ,also can add special character like Russia. Use this machine ,you can do any uniqueness ID card as you like.

Some Embosser machine can separate the only embosser function and indent function, also can integrate the two function to one machine. The indent just Internal italic code, most on the card back side.

Manual embossers

Manual embossers are compact, affordable, reliable and easy to use. The principle of their operation in many ways resembles the work of a mechanical typewriter. The embosser has a rotating drum with the symbols used on it. Rotating the drum, the operator selects the required symbol and presses the handle-drive.

As a result, the symbol is squeezed out mechanically onto the map, and then the latter is moved slightly to the right (the width needed to apply a new sign). In this case, the card is typed only after a digital or alphabetic combination is applied to its surface, that is, it is a separate technological operation.

It is clear that the performance of such equipment will be relatively low, even if the company has a highly qualified service staff. But even with these drawbacks in mind, manual embossers continue to be the most optimal way of personalizing plastic cards in small-scale production.

Automatic embossers

Automatic embossers are high-tech and quite expensive equipment, which has many additional functions.

In equipment with encoding options, embossing, staining of the squeezed symbols and coding of the magnetic strip can be performed in a single pass, which saves considerable time and eliminates the possibility of error. As a rule, the management of equipment of this class is carried out with the help of a personal computer and the entire process of embossing plastic cards can be performed automatically.

High speed of operation is another distinguishing feature of this equipment. Of course, this indicator depends on the specific model and the number of additional operations performed, but in general, automatic embossers are indispensable when printing large quantities.

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