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Materials for PVC cards

Materials for PVC cards

U.S. PLAST Company – direct supplier of consumables materials for plastic cards production. We supply high-quality products from European countries and China.

Our company deliver goods to all Russian regions and Eurasian Customs Union countries. For delivery, you can choose Delivery Company that we provide on our website or another at your discretion.

U.S. PLAST Company offers consumables for all types of printing - Plastic PVC sheet for inkjet, digital, offset printing.

Also you can order from us materials for the production of contactless cards. A large range of Inlay (Prelam) will help you make smart cards for most of your customers.

In our online shop you will find a large number of materials for personalizing plastic cards and post - print processing, magnetic stripe in rolls and already applied to the overlay, scratch-off label, hot stamping foil, signature panel.

U.S. PLAST Company proposes a wide range of consumables for lamination (steel press plates, press pads ). When laminating , sintering of materials for plastic cards takes place in a single whole under high pressure. Mirror, matte or textured plates for press laminators provide the opportunity to make the surfaces of cards glossy, matte, with different patterns.

Our consultants will help you to find equipment and supplies for making plastic cards.

The company provides a system of discounts - find out about the terms of their provision from the manager.

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Materials for PVC cards и другая продукция доступна для заказа в Москве, Екатеринбурге и Санкт-Петербурге с доставкой по всей России и страны СНГ. Подробнее о вариантах доставки в разделе https://us-plast.ru/delivery/
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