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Hot Stamping Foil (Tipping Foil)

Hot Stamping Foil (Tipping Foil)

Plastic embossed cards will look even more solid and prestigious after staining the typed characters (typing) in a color that will highlight them on the general background of the image. This technological operation can be performed on a special device - a type or embosser , which has a module for typing.

The foil is applied to cards using hot stamping technology: when heated under high press pressure, it is firmly adhered to the plastic. Most often for plastic cards use gold and silver foil. The main requirements for foil for tippers are non- rupture , easy separation from the substrate (this provides good covering power), high adhesion, resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damages, chemical influences, color burnout.

All requirements meet the hot-stamping foil Kurz . It is a film base covered with a separating layer, over which layers of lacquer, metallized powder or color pigment, adhesive composition (thermoadhesive) are successively applied .

When the preheated stamp presses the foil to typify Kurz to the surface of the card, the separation layer melts, allowing the remaining layers to separate from the substrate. The heat-activated heat- bonding adhesive reliably connects the painting layer with the plastic, and the lacquer gives the resulting images a glossy gloss.

The foil for typing of plastic cards Kurz is suitable for use in high-performance automatic embossers of almost all well-known brands, except Datacard (it has a sleeve). The number of imprints for embossing the full field is 2200 cards per roll with a width of 80 mm.

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