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Lamination Pads

Lamination cushion pads (press pads) are used for uniform distribution of temperature and pressure when making cards in lamination machine. Laminating pads are suitable for manufacturing kinds of ISO banking cards, credit cards and smart cards.

Lamination pads significantly improve the quality of lamination. Press pads are all for anti-high temperature and anti-high pressure. Meeting the requirements of laminating process, as the professional card consumables, they have been widely using for improving the production efficiency and saving energy because of the feature of thermal conductive fast and uniform. Have excellent bibulous performance, can effectively eliminate the risks of bubbles and watermarks on card surface, greatly improved the qualification rate of products, and with good cushioning properties, they can avoid the scratches linked to the hard touching between the heating plate and the trays, benefited to the long using life of above both.

Also the use of cushion pads slightly slows down the heating, while protecting the metal plates from external influences - high pressure, mechanical damage.

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