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Glue dots

Adhesive point (super- point , sticky point, glue dots , superdots) is a particle of easily removable glue, which is a highly effective replacement for expensive gluing devices and long- lasting glues.

Adhesive super-points are used to fix cards.

Advantages to simple and hot melt adhesive.

  • There is no need to purchase expensive devices;
  • Do not expect the glue to heat up;
  • There is no need for special workplace equipment;
  • Absence of burns and vapors in the process of work.

Why are they better than competitors?

  • Structural features of the box are aimed at simplifying the work;
  • Box is attached to the table, allowing you to free your hands;
  • Ability to glue different materials to different surfaces with almost no restrictions.
  • There is no need to buy and configure equipment for several types of products;
  • Possibility of performing work even by inexperienced personnel;
  • Absence of staining. After the adhesive points, there are almost no traces left after removal (which is not always possible with other methods of gluing).

Roll size

Adhesive points for plastic cards are supplied by 1200 and 5000 each in one roll.

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