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PVC card boxes

Packing for plastic cards. Boxes made of cardboard.

The issued circulation of plastic cards after the production process must be stored in a secure place prior to their implementation. For storage, cardboard boxes for plastic cards are suitable. Preservation of the original appearance and quality is the main task of the box manufacturer, intended for plastic cards, their packaging and storage.

Characteristics of packaging boxes

One of the necessary requirements for a box with plastic cards is its compactness.

We sell cardboard boxes of small sizes, designed to store 500, 250 or 100 cards.

The most convenient dimensions provide convenience in transportation, and the corrugated board material is a guaranteed preservation of the presentation. Cardboard boxes for plastic cards also serve to protect against external influences and mechanical damage, provide compact storage.

Advantages of our plastic card boxes

The customer, when choosing a package for plastic cards, focuses primarily on the optimal price-quality ratio, as well as on the convenience of storage and transportation.

Successfully matched dimensions, as well as durable material, allow for a long time to keep the cards in perfect safety until the moment of their realization.

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