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Magnetic Stripe HiCo & LoCo

Magnetic Stripe HiCo & LoCo

Magnetic stripe for cards (magnetic tape) HiCo and LoCo

A magnetic strip is an information medium with a limited amount of memory. The band is made taking into account the different strength of the magnetic field. By this principle, it can be divided into two types: HiCo and LoCo .

HiCo ( High Coercitive ) is a high- coercivity magnetic band of 2750 oersteds.

LoCo ( Low Coercitive ) - low - coercivity magnetic strip 300 oersteds.

When the bands HiCo and LoCo are magnetized , a different amperage is used. The recording of data on the LoCo magnetic strip is ensured by a current of 300 oersteds. For HiCo , a current of 2750 oersteds is used.

Cards with magnetic stripe HiCo are more reliable and durable, information on them is less susceptible to demagnetization by external magnetic fields. Therefore, they are used in cases where it is required to protect information from possible demagnetization, with their frequent use. If plastic cards are used rarely (for example, discount cards) a LoCo magnetic strip is used . Card readers are used to read data from magnetic strips of plastic cards . Typical card readers work with magnetic tapes of width 12.7 mm, having three tracks for encoding and fixed with an indentation of 4.5 mm from the edge of the card.

On the magnetic strip there are three tracks on which you can put this or that information. All three tracks of the magnetic strip are used, as a rule, in large banking payment systems (for example, VISA). In discount systems, in local payment systems, as well as in access systems, one track is usually used (usually the second one).

Methods of applying magnetic tape (magnetic stripe) to plastic cards

Magnetic tapes are pressed to PVC sheets during the lamination process on press laminators, laminators with hot rollers or on specialized applicators with hot rollers. The magnetic tape consists of a polyester liner base, with glued, magneto-lacquer and protective layers applied . A reliable binding of the magnetic layer to the PVC is carried out with heating under pressure at the moment of melting the lacquer and activating the adhesive layer.

At us you can buy different types of magnetic strips, which are suitable for various types of plastic cards.

The magnetic tape ( LoCo / HiCo ) without transport film is used for pressing on plastic (PVC) and paper with a press laminator. This type of tape differs from other types of greater thickness - the magnetic layer is fixed on the material together with the substrate.

Magnetic tape HiCo German company Kurz is an environmentally safe polyester foundation on which the adhesive is applied, magnitolakovy and the protective layer. When heated under the press of the laminator, the lacquer dissolves simultaneously and activates the adhesive layer, which ensures a strong connection of the magnetic layer with the plastic. The base is wound on a reel, and then recycled.

Green, red, blue, gold or silver magnetic tape for plastic cards makes their design vivid, attractive.

In our online store you can purchase magnetic tapes for the production of plastic cards at a convenient time for you, placing an order on the site. The current prices and availability of goods, as well as the system of automatic reservation of goods in warehouses allow our customers to promptly process and pay for orders from anywhere in the country, regardless of the day of the week and the time of day.

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