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Flexible magnet

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Magnetic vinyl is a flexible material that combines the properties of rubber and magnet. It is obtained by mixing special polymers and magnetic (ferrite) powder. Such material does not suffer from corrosion and degradation, it is non-toxic, safe for human health, is not susceptible to fungus and mold formation, can withstand temperatures from -30 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Its features allow to use this material for production of promotional character: magnets for the refrigerator, magnetic stickers - stickers, magnetic calendars, magnetic puzzles, magnetic posters, etc. The holding force increases with the thickness of vinyl, so it is important to choose the type of material for a particular purpose.

It is a very flexible and durable material that can hold well on metal surfaces. Magnetic vinyl is sometimes called a magnetic rubber, it is easily processed, easily cut with scissors and does not lose its magnetic properties. Due to this, it is possible to obtain blanks of various geometric shapes from it. Magnetic vinyl with a thickness of less than 0.4 mm is called magnetic paper, it is cut using a plotter or a conventional knife.

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