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Signature panel for pvc cards

Signature panel for pvc cards

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Plastic cards have successfully entered everyday life. Among the mandatory attributes of cards, there are often requirements that guarantee additional protection against hacking and ensure the operative identification of the owner. To such elements of registration of cards the personal signature of the legal owner applied on a subscription field concerns.

The main purpose of the signature panel is to put important information of a confidential nature, for example, the signature of the owner.

A special feature of the panel is the additional provision of card protection. That is, removing the owner's signature by unauthorized persons leads to a violation of the strip pattern and signals the need to check the card.

Signature panel in the universal dictionary means: a subscription field (for cards drawn up in a bank), a place for signing (for traveler's checks), a place for signing (as an element of registration of nominal paper), a band reserved for signature (as an attribute of other plastic cards).

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