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Lamination steel plates

Steel plates for plastic cards production

The lamination process consists of several stages:

  • In the press laminator install steel plates, the form of which depends on what should be the surface of the plastic card (glossy, matte or textured);
  • after heating the metal plates to a predetermined temperature, a packet of overlay and sealed plastic sheets is placed between them;
  • after sintering under pressure and cooling, the sheet preform is removed and sent to the next operation - cutting card.

The most important condition for quality lamination is the exact choice of the heating temperature of the layer consisted of overlay and plastic sheets, depending on the type and thickness of the materials.

Types of steel plates for laminating plastic cards

Glossy plates

Applicable if you want to make glossy plastic cards. Their perfectly polished surfaces provide a muted shine, masking small scratches that are formed on the plastic when applying images, assembling sheets in a bag and personalizing cards.

Matte plates

Used in the production of plastic cards with inlays and for the production of cards with an inverse surface on the reverse side. Cost more than mirror plates for a press laminator. Well mask defects in the form of scuffs and scratches formed on the plastic in the process of making cards. Matte surfaces have a noble appearance and do not overwrite during operation.

Texture plates

Texture plates have surfaces with different patterns that give non-standard design cards a distinct individuality. Texture plates perfectly mask scratches and abrasions on surfaces, providing a presentable look of the cards even under very intensive use.

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